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Social FAQs

Here is a guide to Social’s Frequently Asked Questions! Please refer to this guide before contacting Hayden or Kati. If you need to reach us please put us both in a group message:

Hayden (214) 843-5542

Kati (409) 920-1120

Do I get a social point for having a pregame at my house?

 Yes! Please let us have a pregame at your house :) We will help you clean!


What is Sober Sister?

A Sober Sister is a member of Ryllies that offers to be sober the night of an event and is available as a last resort to help another member of Ryllies get home safe. The sober sister must put her name down on the social doc to receive the social point. The sober sister can attend the event or stay at home but the sober sister needs to have their phone on in case they need to be reached. 

Crush Parties:

A crush party is a party for Ryllies where one member of Ryllies is able to invite 3 guys of your choice to attend the event with them. An example of a crush party is Retirement where you are able to invite 3 guys to go with you. 

Date Parties: 

A date party is a party for Ryllies where one member is able to invite 1 guy of your choice to attend the event. 


A mixer is a party for Ryllies when Ryllies mixes with another women’s or men’s organization. For mixers, Ryllies members are not allowed to invite anyone that is not a member of the organizations involved. For example, if we were to have a mixer with Centuries, no one outside of Ryllies or Centuries should be invited or present at the mixer.  

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