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The fundraising committee is responsible for handling all monetary obligations including collecting dues and finances for events such as parent's weekend. Additionally, Fundraising establishes and regulates the organization's budgets for each committee.  



The PR committee serves as the liaison between Ryllies and the community by managing all of Ryllies social media and updating the website. Also, PR is responsible for designing all organizational apparel including date party and event shirts. The PR Committee organizes and designs banners for recruitment and date party backdrops.



The programs committee is responsible for planning each of Ryllies' weekly meetings. This committee has the unique opportunity to determine guest speakers and growth activities during the meetings. Programs will also establish the yearly calendar, update the website, plan both the fall and spring retreats, and run the Mother Daughter Tea and Daddy Daughter Tailgate.



The service committee instills the importance of selfless service within each member of Ryllies by providing numerous opportunities of community service and engagement to ensure a service-driven organization. In addition to smaller volunteer opportunities, each spring semester will include a major service project. The service committee focuses on the Bryan/College Station community through hands on service. In all of Ryllies efforts, we believe in leaving our community better than we found it.



The social committee organizes and conducts each of Ryllies social events. Members will have the opportunity to bond with one another as well as other students at mixers, date parties, formals and unique crush parties. Social committee is responsible for establishing themes, upholding business relationships among venues and designing decorations for each event.



The spirit committee is essentially the driving force of sisterhood behind Ryllies. Spirit committee is responsible for planning bi-weekly hangouts as well as other fun events that strengthen the bond between members. This committee manages Ryllies big/little system and helps foster relationships that will last a life time!



The philanthropy committee is responsible for planning and implementing Ryllies' Annual Fall Festival. This event will benefit Read By 3rd. 

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