Sisterhood FAQs

Here is a guide to Sisterhood’s Frequently Asked Questions! Please refer to this guide before contacting Reagan and Mackenzie. If you need to reach us please put us both in a group message:

Reagan (361) 850-0359

Mackenzie (210) 563-3809


Sisterhood and spirithood events will still be taking place. Again, these events will be optional and we will be split into groups of less than 10, but if you’re in College Station feel free to join us!


Sign-up Doc:

The dock will now be locked one hour before each event.

If you come, but do not sign up on the doc, you will not receive a point.

In the case that you signed up, but cannot make it to the event, find someone who can go in your place. In the event of an emergency, contact Reagan and Mackenzie to let them know and you will not lose a point. 

Add events that you think will be fun for Ryllies to do together.

It could be something you have always wanted to do in College Station or with friends. 


Spirit Events:

These events include any event put on by the school or in support of tradition.

Examples include: Silver Taps, Muster, MSC gallery, or sporting events (excluding Football games).