Service FAQs

Here is a guide to Service’s Frequently Asked Questions! Please refer to this guide before contacting Dani and Brooke. If you need to reach us please put us both in a group message:

Dani (210) 232-8280

Brooke (409) 594-1002


Weekly Service Events:

There are currently no planned weekly service events due to COVID.

What do I wear to a service event?

Ryllies T-shirt and jeans (not ripped)

Service Event Attendance:

Contact Dani and Brooke to if you are unable to make it to the event.

The sign-up doc will close 24 hours before each event.

If you are unable to attend after the doc closes, find another member to take your spot. However, if there is no one available to take your place, you will lose a service point.

University excused absences (being sick & other unpredictable emergencies) are accepted.


BIG EVENT: MARCH 27, 2021 

Start collecting products for the Feminine Hygiene Drive!


Bingo will be postponed until further notice.

Besides attending, you may earn a point for bringing prizes.

Things that you can bring as a prize include:

Fun Items:
○ Scented Candles
○ Candy
○ Picture frames
○ Stuffed animals
○ Cute fall items from dollar tree
○ Decorative towels
○ Home decor
Household Items:
○ Paper Towels
○ Toilet Paper
○ Hand soap
○ Shampoo and conditioner
○ Shower soap
○ Lotion
○ Toothbrush
○ Toothpaste