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Philanthropy FAQs

Here is a guide to Philanthropy’s Frequently Asked Questions! Please refer to this guide before contacting Allie and Alyssa. If you need to reach us please put us both in a group message:

Allie (832) 713-3203

Alyssa (832) 690-8696

Read by 3rd

Our philanthropy that we just love so much! RB3 focuses on helping families by giving them skills and resources to help their children learn to read by the 3rd grade, so that each child can continue to use these skills through the rest of their life. Normally, we would go to Jones Elementary and read to the kids every week, but now we create videos for our RB3 Youtube channel for the kids to watch at home.

Fall Fest

The amazing fundraising event that we put on every year to benefit Read by Third! Fall Fest is a day full of fun with games, food, performances and more. All of the members of Ryllies work so hard to put this event together and give back to our philanthropy!


Sponsors help provide a majority of the funding for Fall Fest and are SUPER important. We start asking for sponsors from big companies in the spring and focus more on local businesses in the fall, closer to the event. Since this is such a huge part of Fall Fest, we require all members to participate in asking for sponsorships.

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